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The bath house is of an eastern design, wood building with black clay brik roof. The windows are frosted glass, it's only odd part is the large iron figurin on the top of the buildings roof. Its rather large compared to the other bulidings in the area, and behind It one can see the large fence that protects the outside bath.

I enter through the cloth door hanging in the entrance and a warm and humid taste fills my mouth and nose. As I look around though I take notice there is no one there. Though I do not dare to look around, I can hear a soft porling of water from the next rooms.

y "Anyone there?!" "..." The sound of water stops d "IT HUUUUUUUUURRRTS!!!!!!" From one of the rooms in the back comes flying someone who's whole body is on fire. y "FIRE! SOMEONE GET SOME WATER!" d "NOO! YOU'LL KILL ME!"

"..." y "Huh?!" Both stand still d "I'm a fire djin you nimwith, water will kill me!" "..." y "Then what are you doing here in a bath house of all places?" d "I work here, I'm the owner." "Something just seem way to off on this." y "Wait, your the retiered person from Paladins group then?" d "That's correct, I take it then that makes you their new recruit?" y "Well, I'm still fairly new to all this." d "Good luck is the only thing I can say I guess." d "But if I was to be completely honest, then I would tell you to quit while you still can." y "Why is that?" "..." At this she goes silent. d "Forget I said anything." d "So, are you here for anything else specific?" y "Not right now, just wanted to introduce myself. My name is =Player name=, pleased to meet you." d "Well aren't you cute, my name is Healbott." d "If you ever want to soak you body or soul, then just come here and have a bath." y "Then that I will, thanks for meeting me."

As I leave I do wonder how come she decided to leave the group, but I'm a bit to afraid to ask.

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"Have you come to cleans your sould or body? Maybe both?" "Let the water make you just as pure."

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