Character has just completed the starting game Chapter 1:

Map is now fully available of all starting locations

Main story of chapter 1 is to further befriend the different people in the story and to follow the main quest line of discovering the forest that you where found in and find where you where coming from.


f "Hi! And welcome to \"As good as new\", How my I help you?"

r "Hi! Eyes up. Welcome to the \"As good as new\", How my I help you?"

y "Eh... I'm looking for Feyor."

r "Who is asking? Do she owns you money?"

        r "Oh! well, then I'm Feyor, the partys \"Beserker/Scout\"."

        r "I won this little shop ehere I sell second hand items."

        r "I have everything from adventuring gear to kitchen facilitys."

        y "Second hand?"

        r "Yea... most stuff is... \"Salvefge\" gods from past adventures"

"Why do it sound so criminal when she say it that way?"