label repeat_p_list:

   $ toggle_afm()
   if repeat_counter >= 4:
       h "Well, be like that! I can go AFK as well!"
   elif repeat_counter > 1:
       h "Hello?"
   elif repeat_counter == 1:
   $ toggle_afm()

   show image "jul31"
   $ renpy.pause ()   # will wait untill player click
   $ renpy.pause (5.0) # will wait 5 sec or player's click to continue
   $ renpy.pause (5.0, hard=True)   # will wait 5 sec and won't be interrupted by player's click
  1. Shows the animation of doodeling on face until you either click and then continue


   $ event_timer = ui.timer(10.0)
   show image "animated_macro_doodle"
   $ renpy.pause (10.0) # will hold the image until 10 seconds are done or person click
   if event_timer >= 5:
       show image "show y normal" # as she did not finnish doodles
   elif event_timer <= 5:
       show image "show y doodle" # as she is done otherwhise


   $ how_long_you_played = renpy.get_game_runtime() # Checks how long you played the game
   if how_long_you_played >= 100:
       h "Wow! you sure do play this game a lot huh? Found the secret ending yet??"
       h "You haven barly started play this game, but that is no reason to just stand there gouking!"


   Causes the device to vibrate for duration seconds. Currently, this is only supported on Android.

renpy.set_mouse_pos(x, y, duration=0)¶

   Jump the mouse pointer to the location given by arguments x and y. If the device does not have a mouse pointer, this does nothing.

durationThe time it will take to perform the move, in seconds. During this time, the mouse may be unresponsive.